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Area/AH OP4OL Region OP4OL Cluster OP4OL Chap # OP4OL Chap Leader OP4OL Unit # OP4OL Unit Leader OP4OL HH OP4OL Total Members OP4OL Total Service Team OP4OL Category OP4OL Venue OP4OL # of CLP Sessions OP4OL Date Started OP4OL Date Finished OP4OL Total Participants OP4OL Total # Graduates OP4OL Remarks
las vegas SW-C
Boy and Radel Guinto SC-A 0 27 10 DC153 Sacred Heart Church, Cunningham, Kansas. The service team composed of 3 couples from SCA mission team and 4 Wichita Kansas CFC members. 1 27 27 The team approached this CLP from recommendation of Pastor Fr Roger Lumbre as Advent Recollection, a Gateway program. The team gave CLP module 1. The participants wants to continue the recollection. Module 2 is scheduled on 1/18/2020. The team will propose to conduct module 3 on 2/15/2020.
Minnesota NC-A 1 0
NORCAL Mon & Oma Del Carmen (SH/AH) SW-A OAKLAND CLUSTER Jun & Anne Faustino (CL) 1 Ram Pineda 1 Jansen Magat Lim 18